Install a Quality Generator for Your Home in San Antonio, TX

Keep Your Power

Our professionals at Jireh Electric understand the importance of electricity and how it powers everything around you. Whether due to bad weather or city electrical problems, we want you to have a backup plan. Power outages can last hours and sometimes days. Therefore a backup generator can be a great solution.

It will help with:

  • Automatic Power
  • Backup Power
  • Direct Power
  • Easy Control

You can count on the fact that our team has the skill and expertise needed to install your home and business' generator properly. Rely on our team whenever you need it most.

A Generator Installation in San Antonio, TX Can Save You From Any Inconvenience

Having a backup generator can save you from any inconvenience if there's a power outage. With our experts at Jireh Electric, you can make sure that your generator is expertly installed. With more than 50 years of experience, we can help you choose the correct generator for your home and business. We are qualified to make the installation process as quick and efficient as possible. Our customers gain peace of mind when we install their generators as we install all generators in compliance with local, state, and electrical codes. For your generator installation in San Antonio, TX, count on our team!

Play It Safe and Choose Jireh Electric

Power Your Day to Day

Get in touch with our professionals today and schedule an appointment. Please don't delay your generator installation in San Antonio, TX, or its surrounding areas. Regardless of any power outage, you'll be prepared.